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    My Head & My Heart by Ava Max

    1.  My Head & My Heart

    artist : Ava Max
    Hold On by Justin Bieber

    2.  Hold On

    artist : Justin Bieber
    Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

    3.  Sweet Caroline

    artist : Neil Diamond
    Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa

    4.  Don't Start Now

    artist : Dua Lipa
    If You Love Her by Forest Blakk

    6.  If You Love Her

    artist : Forest Blakk
    This Is Heaven by Nick Jonas

    8.  This Is Heaven

    artist : Nick Jonas
    Hold On by Wilson Phillips

    9.  Hold On

    artist : Wilson Phillips
    Anyone by Justin Bieber

    10.  Anyone

    artist : Justin Bieber
    Afterglow by Ed Sheeran

    13.  Afterglow

    artist : Ed Sheeran
    you broke me first by Tate McRae

    14.  you broke me first

    artist : Tate McRae
    Dancing Queen by ABBA

    15.  Dancing Queen

    artist : ABBA
    Poker Face by Lady Gaga

    17.  Poker Face

    artist : Lady Gaga
    Everything I Own by Bread

    19.  Everything I Own

    artist : Bread
    We're Good by Dua Lipa

    22.  We're Good

    artist : Dua Lipa
    Sacrifice by Bebe Rexha

    25.  Sacrifice

    artist : Bebe Rexha
    Get Away by VERIVERY

    27.  Get Away

    artist : VERIVERY
    Counting Stars by OneRepublic

    31.  Counting Stars

    artist : OneRepublic
    Falling by Harry Styles

    33.  Falling

    artist : Harry Styles
    Jealous by Nick Jonas

    34.  Jealous

    artist : Nick Jonas
    Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

    35.  Watermelon Sugar

    artist : Harry Styles
    You're So Vain by Carly Simon

    36.  You're So Vain

    artist : Carly Simon
    Daydream Believer by The Monkees

    37.  Daydream Believer

    artist : The Monkees
    Let Her Cry by Hootie, The Blowfish

    40.  Let Her Cry

    artist : Hootie, The Blowfish
    Kings & Queens by Ava Max

    44.  Kings & Queens

    artist : Ava Max
    Barbie Girl (Radio) by Aqua

    46.  Barbie Girl (Radio)

    artist : Aqua
    Golden by Harry Styles

    48.  Golden

    artist : Harry Styles
    Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

    49.  Bad Romance

    artist : Lady Gaga
    Memories by Maroon 5

    51.  Memories

    artist : Maroon 5
    Hold On by Justin Bieber

    52.  Hold On

    artist : Justin Bieber
    Don't Speak by No Doubt

    55.  Don't Speak

    artist : No Doubt
    Perfect by Ed Sheeran

    57.  Perfect

    artist : Ed Sheeran
    Medicine by James Arthur

    58.  Medicine

    artist : James Arthur
    Dynamite by BTS

    59.  Dynamite

    artist : BTS
    Spaceman by Nick Jonas

    60.  Spaceman

    artist : Nick Jonas
    New Rules by Dua Lipa

    61.  New Rules

    artist : Dua Lipa
    Take You Dancing by Jason Derulo

    64.  Take You Dancing

    artist : Jason Derulo
    Beautiful Beautiful by ONF

    67.  Beautiful Beautiful

    artist : ONF
    Anyone by Justin Bieber

    69.  Anyone

    artist : Justin Bieber
    Levitating by Dua Lipa

    70.  Levitating

    artist : Dua Lipa
    Make It With You by Bread

    71.  Make It With You

    artist : Bread
    Good as Hell by Lizzo

    72.  Good as Hell

    artist : Lizzo
    Hot n Cold by Katy Perry

    74.  Hot n Cold

    artist : Katy Perry
    All for You by Janet Jackson

    75.  All for You

    artist : Janet Jackson
    Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max

    77.  Sweet but Psycho

    artist : Ava Max
    Forever Young by Alphaville

    80.  Forever Young

    artist : Alphaville
    Adore You by Harry Styles

    83.  Adore You

    artist : Harry Styles
    lovely by Billie Eilish, Khalid

    85.  lovely

    artist : Billie Eilish, Khalid
    Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

    90.  Paparazzi

    artist : Lady Gaga
    Ordinary World by Duran Duran

    93.  Ordinary World

    artist : Duran Duran
    Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott

    96.  Dancing On My Own

    artist : Calum Scott
    Domino by Jessie J

    99.  Domino

    artist : Jessie J
    Diamonds by Sam Smith

    100.  Diamonds

    artist : Sam Smith