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    Work Pays by Andrew Downing

    5.  Work Pays

    artist : Andrew Downing
    Feeling Good by Nina Simone

    7.  Feeling Good

    artist : Nina Simone
    Take Five by Dave Brubeck

    8.  Take Five

    artist : Dave Brubeck
    L-O-V-E by Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole

    10.  L-O-V-E

    artist : Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole
    Rise by Herb Alpert

    21.  Rise

    artist : Herb Alpert
    Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday

    32.  Strange Fruit

    artist : Billie Holiday
    Smile by Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole

    39.  Smile

    artist : Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole
    The Look Of Love by Diana Krall

    45.  The Look Of Love

    artist : Diana Krall
    The QR Code by Quinton Robinson

    49.  The QR Code

    artist : Quinton Robinson
    Songbird by Kenny G

    50.  Songbird

    artist : Kenny G
    Nature Boy by Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole

    55.  Nature Boy

    artist : Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole
    Nautilus by Bob James

    56.  Nautilus

    artist : Bob James
    Sway by Julian Vaughn

    59.  Sway

    artist : Julian Vaughn
    Time Flies by Brian Culbertson

    60.  Time Flies

    artist : Brian Culbertson
    Gatito by Euge Groove

    61.  Gatito

    artist : Euge Groove
    Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) by Us3

    63.  Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

    artist : Us3
    Songbird by Kenny G

    66.  Songbird

    artist : Kenny G
    The Entertainer by Scott Joplin

    67.  The Entertainer

    artist : Scott Joplin
    Unforgettable by Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole

    68.  Unforgettable

    artist : Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole
    Mona Lisa by Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole

    70.  Mona Lisa

    artist : Nat, #34;King, #34; Cole
    Just Once by Quincy Jones

    71.  Just Once

    artist : Quincy Jones
    So What by Miles Davis

    74.  So What

    artist : Miles Davis
    Exhale by Cindy Bradley

    79.  Exhale

    artist : Cindy Bradley
    Too Tuff by Freddie Fox

    80.  Too Tuff

    artist : Freddie Fox
    Lookin' Up by Tom Braxton

    82.  Lookin' Up

    artist : Tom Braxton
    Rockit by Herbie Hancock

    85.  Rockit

    artist : Herbie Hancock
    On Broadway by George Benson

    87.  On Broadway

    artist : George Benson
    Lily Was Here by Candy Dulfer

    90.  Lily Was Here

    artist : Candy Dulfer
    Mornin' by Al Jarreau

    92.  Mornin'

    artist : Al Jarreau